ANZA Wine Club ~ New World Wines ~ Wed 12 Feb

ANZA Wine Club ~ New World Wines ~ Wed 12 Feb


This is great……and here’s why!

Explore and taste ‘Old World’ wines from the traditional wine-growing regions of Europe (think France, Italy, Greece, and Spain).  

This month, we ask all Club Members to bring along a bottle of an ‘Old World’ wine that really embodies what you love about these heritage wines! This is a great chance to learn more about what your  fellow Club members like most about Old World wine! 

These days, the terms "Old World" and "New World" can spark debates among wine lovers, usually about tradition vs. modernization. "Old World" implies tradition and history while the term "New World" invokes technology, science, corporations and marketing. What’s your thoughts on the region that makes the best wine?

Wednesday 12 February